Available in Original and Deluxe models.

54″ High Removable Pool Fencing Protection
Wherever and Whenever You Need It

When it comes to keeping kids safe, there is no substitute for adult supervision. But no parent can be everywhere, every minute!

BABY-LOC removable fencing is so easy to put up and take down, you’ll want to use it whenever you want an extra measure of protection for your young ones.

BABY-LOC removable fencing is available in your choice of two high quality designs!

Original BABY-LOC

  • A convenient, cost-effective way to help deter toddlers from gaining access to a swimming pool, raised deck or dock.



  • Elegant new designer look, extra-sturdy construction. Easier, quicker installation can utilize same anchors used for loop-loc safety covers.

Choice of premium fiberglass or aluminum poles.

All BABY-LOC fencing is maintenance free. Won’t rust, corrode, chip, or stain.

Both original and deluxe BABY-LOC models are so durable, they come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty!


Everlast Fence Baby-Loc

Everlast Fence Baby-Loc

Everlast Fence Baby-Loc

Everlast Fence Baby-Loc

Baby-Loc Fence ProtectionEverlast Fence Baby-Loc

Baby-Loc Protected Pool

Baby-Loc Fence Protection

Baby-Loc Heights