Is Your Fence Ruining Your Curb Appeal?

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Need to upgrade your property? Everlast Fence is here to help. Our fence installation experts have also been repairing commercial and residential fences for years in Naples, FL.

With time and varying weather conditions, your fence will eventually need repairs. Fence repair is an affordable way to upkeep your property and ensure your home or business is safe. Our fencing experts are able to repair any fence type that you currently have including: chain-link, vinyl, and wood fence types.

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4 signs you need a fence repair

You may need a fence repair if you notice:

  • Insect damage- insects can burrow or create small holes in your fence
  • Rotting wood- this can cause your fence to deteriorate and eventually lose form
  • Splitting boards- this is a more obvious sign that your fence needs repair if the boards within the fence are splitting
  • Sagging sections- fences tend to sag due to weather exposure, this will need to be fixed immediately because it is no longer giving you privacy or protection

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